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Thetford - Like no other place
Like no other place Thetford Nadeau Photo Solution
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Tourisme Région de Thetford/SDE


Tourisme Région de Thetford/SDE

Mrs Geneviève Clavet-Roy, Communication Advisor
2600, boul. Frontenac Ouest
Thetford Mines (Québec) G6H 2C6

Phone: 418 423-3333 extension 234
Toll free: 877 335-7141
Fax: 418-423-3331

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Tourisme Région de Thetford/SDE  ( - Thetford )

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You want your guests to have great memories of your congress, your meeting or your gathering? Why not organize your event in an enchanting place by its uniqueness? Thetford region surprises. Thetford region shakes. Thetford region seduces ... like no other place !


  • 25 October
    The Thetford Convention Centre Celebrated its First Year of Operations Details
  • 11 September
    Thetford Inaugurates its Convention Centre! Details
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